Why do I need Digital
Press Releases?
For the Search Engines to see your website as trustworthy and authoritative, other sites (and respected ones) have to link back to yours. A Press Release with optimized content makes it easy to get external links.
  • Press Releases helps you target long-tail keywords.
  • Strengthening connection to your target keywords.
  • Helps your website look trustworthy & authoritative.
  • We work closely with you to understand your unique businesses challenges & objectives.
  • Creating compelling & valuable content, both onsite & distributing it through a variety of online channels.
  • Everyone wants to be top of the search results, but you have to deserve to be there.
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Balancing your Pay-Per-Click Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Marketing Position efforts may allow you to cut down your Paid Marketing campaigns costs as you can prioritize your Organic Traffic Optimization efforts on more costly keywords given that Organic traffic is free, relatively speaking.


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For businesses which sell products online and and improve their product listings in the search results.

Penalty Recovery

Our team of SEO consultants have plenty of experience in link audits & reviewing backlink profiles.

Technical SEO Audit

We are well known within the industry for our technical capabilities due to our industry leading software.

Infographics Content

Our team of creatives, designers & developers work alongside our SEO & content teams to ideate.

Media Promotion

While the search engines are still in their infancy in understanding & using social signals algorithmically.

Onsite SEO

We analyse your website’s structure, internal architecture & other key elements that are weighted.
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    Press Release Services

    1MEDIASTUDIO is one of the leading content writing services providing you press releases that can help you announce your new product or a service launch, product promotion and offers, your accomplishments, awards and recognitions etc. Online press releases have become quite popular among digital marketers as press releases has this unique ability to attract the attention of search engines by a large extent. But it needs to be well-written and SEO optimized in order to be seen.

    1MEDIASTUDIO has been in the business of writing press releases and other content writing services for many years now and is equipped with a talented bunch of skilled and experienced PR writers who can deliver high-quality and SEO rich press releases. When it comes to online press releases, it need to follow set of standards to create the kind of impact and attract the attention of search engines. Since these press releases have a wider reach than you other marketing options, it can tap into a whole new segment of customers.

    Why You Need a Press Release?

    Social media has become the new marketing platform for businesses and hence it has become important to embrace it to take their business to the next level. And it is for this reason that many corporates are looking to build their public relations in social media and it has made the press releases more important and effective than before. Let’s see why a business may need a press release and the role of a PR in the success of a business:

    • A Press release is a vital public relations tool for businesses for a long time as it announces to the world about any important event, a new product launch or a recognition or an award received by the company
    • Press releases can be submitted to various media outlets for free of charge. But there are websites that charge you to publish your press releases. But generally a press release distribution can be fairly inexpensive
    • A press release can help in boosting the company’s popularity and industry expertise to a great extent.
    • A well-written and a targeted press release can reach far wider audience than you can expect. Because when one publication publishes an interesting story that gets a good response from the audience, it is then published in many other articles as well
    • A good press release that showcases your achievements can attract the attention of investors too

    Why Choose 1MEDIASTUDIO for Press Release Writing?


    A press release is not similar to article or blog writing as you can’t include complicated narratives. A good PR should contain to-the-point and precise narratives. And it should have authentic information as it will be published not only in the PR section of your website, but also in various other news websites.

    Unique and Reliable Press Release Writing

    All our press release articles are always crisp to the point and comes with attention grabbing headlines to attract the attentions of the readers. A short and precise summary outlines the overview of what is inside the press release.

    Highly Skilled and Professional Team of Press Release Writers

    We have a team of highly skilled and qualified copywriters who can produce a press release that grabs the immediate attention and creates a lasting impression on the readers. You can always count on us to provide a press release of the highest quality.

    Highly Experienced and Reliable

    Our skilled press release writers have over a decade of experience in press release writing for various clients including Automotive, Finance & Marketing, Beauty & fashion, Book Releases, New Product Launches, Promotional Offers & Deals and a lot more. We are one of the leading Press Release writers in Miami, Florida and have written hundreds of PRs for clients all-round the globe

    Complete Ownership

    After we submit the press release article to the clients, they take complete ownership of the press release and have every right to republish, edit or redistribute to all kinds of news and media channels as they wish.

    Highly Reasonable Rates

    You can compare our rates with other press release writing companies and understand that our rates are highly reasonable for the kind of quality and the number of revisions we provide. We always put our customers first and hence we strive hard to provide a press release of the highest quality at an affordable price.

    How a Press Release can benefit your company?

    A good press release can help in spreading the word of your latest product release, promotional offer across the global audience. Say for example, if you are launching a new line of product or a service, then you can simply issue a public release about the product launch and the whole world comes to know about that.


    One of the main reasons a press release is an important an effective tool in marketing is because readers around the world view a press release as a news article and not as an advertisement. Because many companies issue advertisements about their new product launches and often advertisements are seen by customers as seen as over-hyped and blowing your own horn sort of thing. But a press release is more of an article that contains credible and reliable information.

    Boosts your Reputation

    Issuing press releases at regular intervals can play a vital role in showcasing yourself as the leader in your domain.